ECO Charter School

We are the Environment Community Opportunity (ECO) Charter School... where emerging minds develop strong roots, achieving academic excellence through rigor, relevance and reflection.

ECO Charter School serves students from Camden, NJ in grades K through 5.  We employ a rigorous, standards-based curriculum modeled on the EIC (using the Environment as an Integrating Context for learning) framework to help our students become adept learners, community leaders and environmental stewards .  Learn more about our mission and vision here.

What's New?

 Grief Support (Link)

 Our 3rd graders have been integrating science and technology to create Microsoft Powerpoint presentations about the solar system.  Check out some of their work... it's out of this world!

Mars Thumbnail            Venus Thumbnail            Neptune Thumbnail

 If you do not have Microsoft Powerpoint, you can download the Powerpoint Viewer here .